Google Drive Login

Google Drive Login: Here is the best online file storage which most people uses, ie, Google Drive. It offers 15 GB of free space to store your files and documents on online with gdrive client from desktop or mobile. If you had never heard of Drive, we will help you to know more about it from below.
More about google drive will be shared as everyone is concerned about download, install and how to use them. All your queries will be solved, as we will let your know more about it from below.

Google Drive Login : Download, Install & How to Use

Google drive is file storage and synchronization service coded by Google. It allows you to store any type of files on cloud and synchronize it across all the devices. It offers 15 GB of free online storage, so you can keep your photos, audios, videos, documents, sketches - anything on your drive. No-attachments needed in mail as you could link your files from google drive.
Once your files are synchronized, you can check it and download it on any devices., like smartphone, tablets or computer. Wherever you go, you can access your files from anyone of their client. Sharing files and folders with your friends, family or anyone will be easy with one-click share will allow others to view, download or edit your files.
  • 15 GB of free storage space: - Storage space is common for all your google products - Drive, Gmail, Photos so you can store files, save email attachements and back-up photos directly to Drive. Check out Google Drive pricing incase if you wish to upgrade storage space.
  • Supports all common file types: - Documents, PDFs, Photos, Videos, Presentations and more. Even non-supported file format can be stored in drive.
  • Share it with Anyone how you want to be: By default all your files stays private unless you want to share with anyone. You can invite anyone with email id to view, comment, and edit any file or folder you select.
  • Highly Safe & Secured: Always your files are encrypted with SSL and stays secure even your smartphone, tablets or computer is corrupted.
  • Works with Google Products: Save email attachments & Backup photos from Google Photos to Drive.
  • Poweful Search option: Searching any files is very powerful with GDrive. You look for "Statue", search result will have everything associated with statue on your drive.
  • Work Smarter with Apps: There are lots of google drive apps available to edit/view your files directly online without geting downlaoded.
  • Scan documents: Instantly scan your paper documents with Drive for Android and save as PDFs on GDrive.
  • Work Offline: Enable Offline mode with Extensions and access files when there is no internet connection.
  • See Versions History: Allows you to look back for old versions in 30days and can restore those versions.

Google Drive Pricing

google drive pricing
Business model for Google Drive is Freemium which supports both free and premium users. For free users, there is certain limitation on using google drive services in terms of storage and other specifications. Below plans shows exactly on how google drive pricing works.
To start, you can avail 15GB Cloud Storage for free or you can upgrade to premium plans.
Available Google Drive Premium plans:
  • 100 GB - Rs.130 / month
  • 1 TB - Rs.650 / month
  • 10 TB - Rs. 6500 / month
  • Google offers more storage spaces too..
  • 20 TB - Rs. 13000 / month
  • 30 TB - Rs. 19500 / month

Google Drive Login

To access or download your files and folders from google drive, you need to first login to google drive with your google account. Login to Google account is easy, but still many are facing issues with google drive login. So we thought a guide on how to login google drive should be useful.
google drive login page
Guide on how to login Google Drive from Computer.
  • Open any browser in your computer/desktop/PC.
  • Visit "https:/" on your browser.
  • Clicking on "Go to Google Drive" will redirect your to Google Drive Sign in page.
  • google drive login
  • Enter your email address associated with your Drive.
  • Click Next and Enter your password for your google account.
  • Now you will redirected to Google Drive Dashboard.
  • Navigate to "My Drive" to access your files and folders.

Google Drive Download & Install on Mobile/Computer.

Apart from using google drive on web, you can download google drive for windows/macOS or mobile app. Using google drive online will be little bit difficult, so we recommend you to visit google drive download page to get latest google drive windows/mac application to enable backup/sync from your computer.

If you need to use it on your mobile devices, you need to download google drive for android/iphone from google play store/apple app store. Accessing your gdrive from mobile will allow you to get all your files and folder on the go.

How to use Google Drive (Online, Desktop/PC, Mobile App)

Don't know how to use Google Drive? Having problem with accessing google drive online? We will help you with how to use google drive on desktop/pc and mobile app.
To make use of Google Drive you need to have google drive downloaded and install google drive on your desktop/pc or any mobile app. Follow the guide below to know how to use.
how to use google drive

Step by step guide on how to use Google Drive.
  • Visit from any browser in your computer/pc/laptop.
  • Open your Google Drive app on your mobile phone.
  • Navigate to "My Drive", you will see list of files and folders.
  • Also you can create any files(Documents, Sheets, Slides) or folder under "My Drive".
  • Create / Upload Files from your computer / mobile.
  • Work with Google docs/sheets or slides
  • Invite with email to Share Files or Folder with anyone.
  • Navigate to "Shared with me" section to view, all files which are shared with you.
For more detailed information, kindly visit here.

Google Drive Storage

You will have 15 GB of free storage space to store your email, files and photos. You can buy storage spaces, check for google drive plans. Manage your google drive storage space monthly or annually.
google drive storage

Upgrade your storage space on Computer / Android / iPhone & iPad
  • Go to Storage setting on Computer
  • Open Google Drive App and Navigate to MENU.
  • Select Storage from Menu
  • Check your storage usage activity.
  • Pick your storage plan and Follow the direction to enter your payment information
  • Click on Subscribe to purchase your selected plan.
NOTE: It will take up to 24 hours for new storage to be available.

Google Drive Backup

Google Drive Backup & Sync application allows you to back up important files from your desktop computer / laptop or mobile devices. All your backed up files will be synchronized to all the devices using Google Drive App. Find your content on any of your devices using Google Drive & your photos / videos will be in Google Photos.